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Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Review, Electrics Baby Bottle Warmer & Baby Food Warmer – Universal Fit – Glass / Plastic/ Small/ Large/ Newborn Feeding Bottles – Wireless Bluetooth Control – Digital Display


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The Skinny

The Baby Brezza Safe and Smart is a bottle warmer with steam and water bath technologies for quick or “steady” heat. This warmer works with a variety of bottle sizes and materials including glass, but it is not compatible with breastmilk storage pouches, which makes it a poor choice for parents who primarily breastfeed. It can heat bottles quickly, but it can also overheat just as fast if you fail to remove it from the chamber at the end of the heating cycle. We like that it has an automatic shut off and audible beep, but worry parents could get distracted and end up with a bottle that’s too hot. This warmer is also one of the most expensive options in the review, so the budget-minded should beware.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The child Brezza’s original company tagline they save during their parents – “What do you spare time?” The company prides itself to produce goods with lesser parts, which require fewer parental efforts.

Performance comparison
The child Brezza is safe and smart (blue) warming a dual technology using both the steam and water bath heating properties.

This warm-down summary offers a rather average performance compared to competition.

Health and safety
With potential feasibility for seed related events, Bragara earns only 10 out of the health and safety. These units have two heat modes, quick heat, and permanent heat. Fast heat cycle fast, but the bottle is less than the final temperature.

According to the instructions, the use of regular heat production, temperature of 91F in 4:55 minutes. If the bottle is left at the end of the cycle, then in 12 minutes it can reach 114F; The 7-minute bottle reaches the temperature at 101F. When the bottle warms you tend to have a tears baby or other things may have caused this. Used in most settings, the bottle content reached 131F which is much more hot and more than 104F where nipple starts losing nutrients.

Easy to use
Brezza 9’s 9 use test results are one of the easiest warmth to use. The user’s manual is easy to read, bigger fonts and easier. You have two warming modes of two units depending on how warm the bottle and facilitates the interface faster. This unit is compatible with various sizes and bottles of materials including various bottles and glass.

We want that Brajja keeps the warming charts behind the warmth, there is nothing to lose its meaning or to go wrong, and help you when you need it. The warmth is easy to fill in with the instructions and changes only depending on the heating method you choose. Brezza has an automatic shut-off and an audible beap when the heat cycle is reduced to the likelihood of excessive heating. However, if we leave the chamber after the warm heat cycle, if the unit gets hot quickly, then be careful to guard against bottles in the warmth.

Warmth efficiency
Brezza is a skilled heater of 10 to 7 for this metric. With two heat modes, this unit offers two alternatives for speed, which translates into two different bottle content temperatures.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, the Braja extends the material to 76F in 28 minutes using the hot warm mode (steam heat). By using regular heat mode you will get a warm bottle of about 91F in about 4:55 minutes, most of the water in this review is faster than warmer choices.

Testing content temperature
To ensure that the contents are not too hot, you should always check the fluid inside your wrist before breastfeeding your baby. After heating the bottle, you should swirl the material content to mix potentially hot stains before testing. Liquid should not be hot but warm.

You need a completely cool this warm before heating the extra bottle, so it’s not a good choice for quality parents. Theoretically, you can ignore the instructions and warm the first bottle, but perhaps the possibility of valuable nutrients in chest milk can be very hot.

Ease of cleaning
Brezza struggled in the examination to clean with 10 of 6. Every day there is a water dumping and cleaning system, but we could not reach the bottom of the chamber and you should rely on the rhesing to keep it clean. Rinsing does not seem like a good way to keep it properly clean. Descaling treatment includes running a 5-set unit with a vinegar / water mixture.

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