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All about this site.

About Us

We are brothers and sisters who have shared the paternity journey in the last 4 years. In addition to sharing deep family ties, we will share an emotion to help the kids, how to improve things and become better, and help Baba to lead a better life.

Here’s a bit about each of us:

A disclaimer

Please notice: This site has been made to ensure the information, although it is very well researched, correct, and generally in the interest of children, this site is not an alternative to finding your child’s pediatrician, good general knowledge or parenting basics. A trusted source. (The American Academy of Pediatrics is a great place to start.) Unlike every child, the situation is different, and parents are one of the most distinguished responsibilities to the people (the grand sense of the word). Be smart about it

The Mission of Swanky baby gear
Our Goal

To improve the lives of dramatically rich and parents, who want to improve their children through their fathers.

We probably spread the important information of many parents as possible.

On Being a Dad

We believe that a father should be a great highlight of the resurrection of life.

We believe that being a father is difficult, it is impossible to achieve perfection, but actually a step to make the Father Father’s mark better than the day.

We believe that being a father should be fun and more fun by the father, more fun by the kids and the wife/wife.

We believe the word “parents, the skills needed for a job or manual skills or artistic skills” – the definition of “planning, creation or execution”. A master craftsman feels the springs in mind; A person who honors his craft for years, who keeps a lot of emotion, detailed attention and building time.

We believe that parents help their children and their future destiny to attract the future of mankind.

On Information

We believe that today’s deadly parents information is lost in frenzy. So we would like to inform important information to parents as much as possible by using modern delivery methods to reach parents.

We believe in the digital era, lots of unauthorized opinions and misinformation, so we create high quality, well-researched content based on science and trustworthy authorities.

We also believe that today’s parents are more awkward than ever and need information about forms that are easily enjoyable but deliberately allow for depth.

We believe in credible knowledge, the ability to act on and we struggle to create this.

What We Do

We create products and resources that support this belief. It inspires and reminisces an adventure of sharing the father with their kids and reminds them that the simple challenges of parents that teach parents and make fun of them, end their father’s dynasty to the growth and development generation. The last journey to inspire .

The path of perfection is love, humor, joy, and fulfillment, filled, unending and unending. As well as the way to perfect the teachings of grandfathers, the great father also tried. In addition, we will be there to equip them with equipment, toolets, montsets, education, and entertainment to climb.

This is Swankybabygear.


This site uses affiliate links to generate revenue. When we do, we’re up front about it, so you should see a note. Read more about our policies on this and other disclosures here.



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