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10 Best Car Seats Infant for Your Baby, Toddler, and Kids review


Getting ready to buy a new car seat for your little one? Are you embarrassed by all the options and terminology? We were once! Before testing 29 top competitors we conducted more than 100 seats. We purchased each seat and provided strict testing along with crash testing at the same testing facility used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and combined with daily use to determine which product is best and why. With many options to choose from, the final purchase can be challenging, but our test results and detailed analysis can help you to buy confidently. Whether your child needs to convert the first car seat or your child to a convertible seat, we can help you find the right choice for your wallet and needs.

First, our favorite child seats
When they go to hospital after the birth of the child, parents need a baby. You can find our favorite baby options below (best convertible seats and booster seats below). This standout option for kids achieves more points in our infant seat review than competition. These products are easily excel in metrics like installation and crash test results. Each winner offers better choices for different needs and offers something slightly different than the rest.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat with base, Atmosphere Infant Car Seat Chicco KeyFit 30 , Orion – Best Overall Infant Seat


  • Easy to install LATCH
  • Better crash test results
  • Reasonable price


  • Hard to install w/out the
  • baseHeavier

Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of our favorite child alternatives and we think it is a great choice for most families. Thanks to the Keyfit 30’s best way to make the latch method better, thanks to a seat booster strap which takes seat tight and securely secure. Chicco is a simple and stylish list price that is less than $ 100 less than many competitors, and it’s only 40 dollars more than our best price winner. Worm 30 is compatible with the most comprehensive strollers, which are good for it. Parents are looking to make a trip system. This seat works with rollers including our favorite things for use of the UPPabri cruise, Chicken Kiffit Caddy and Bugaboo B3-like car seats.

Keyfit 30 is a great place, although it is not the best for the durbans because it is more challenging to install without a base. However, if you do not want to carry it often or, and the installation will primarily be used on the base, Chicco Keyfit 30 is difficult to lose.

Infant Car Seat with base Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 , Atmosphere – High quality Infant Seat


  • Easy to install w/out the base
  • Above average crash test results
  • High quality & comfortable


  • Higher price
  • Harder to install with LATCH

Peg Perego Primo Viigio 4-35 is a quality, high-end seat that has achieved the result of the dominant crash test, indicates additional margins of security when properly installed and used properly. We found that this stylish seat is very easy to install without a base, it is possible for parents to carry the public transport and it is easy to install around the base using the car belt. This Peg Pergo base has an anti-rebound bar on foot, it is a great ride with excellent padding and soft fabric and it is easy to use.

Unfortunately, Primo Viaggio has a higher price tag than most of the 4-35 competition and it is not compatible with many strollers outside the Peg Perego brand. However, if your budget allows and you do not think of limited stroller options or you do not plan to combine it with a stroller (and not many parents), this Peg Perego can be a great option for your family.

Toddler Car Seat – Chicco Fit2 Infant , Tempo – Easiest Infant LATCH Installation


  • Super easy LATCH
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality & comfort


  • Heavy to carry
  • Limited stroller choices

Chicco Fit 2 is a high-end chicken option which is an impressive score for Latch installation (a perfect 10!) Which makes it a good choice for people concerned about proper installation. This plush competitor comes with the most easy to use and extra features for thick padding and comfort.

Chicco Fit 2 is a high-end chicken option which is an impressive score for Latch installation (a perfect 10!) Which makes it a good choice for people concerned about proper installation. This plush competitor comes with the most easy to use and extra features for thick padding and comfort.

While we recommend this Chicco, it is not a good choice for it’s robust budget or if you plan to carry on long distances. This Chicco carrier has a higher than the average weight and is easy to install without the base even if we do not think the parents want to lug it for long. Fit 2 is a fairly new seat, so it’s still not compatible with many strollers. If your child is expected to get together with your sanctuary, Fit 2 is a bad choice. However, if you do not want to carry it and stroller compatibility is not a concern, then Fit 2 helps their parents feel better for their installation capacity.

Air Infant Car Seat – Safety 1st Onboard 35 , York – Best Bang for the Buck in Infant Seats

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install w/out the base & using a vehicle belt
  • Above average crash test results
  • Hard to install LATCH
  • Not compatible with most strollers
  • Harder to use

Security 1st Onboard 35 Air is a budget-friendly option with overall performance in comparison to cheap competition in our reviews. These seats are above average crash test results and are easy without base and base without base belt. For parents in the budget, this product is easy to use with better crash testing results (some parents can be understood).

Without installing easily, this product is relatively average without any standout features, but it is not frustrating. The first error of safety is the lack of consistent strollers. In fact, we can not combine a full-size review stroller with a security lottery, if you want to create a travel arrangement, it’s a poor choice. However, if you have a tight budget and you do not need a stroller for your car seat, then this option can feel better about buying a parent.

Baby wear
If you are not interested in connecting your child’s carrier to the stroller, or you do not want to lose it, it is a nice way of getting close to your child (carrier design for this purpose) and usually a little more calm and reducing crying or emotional upsets which are soothing. Many modern careers can keep your hands free so you can get a big stroller on your kids board and view!

With this crash test facility used by NHTSa, we have tested the seats in this review. Here Cleckfund is ready for his crash test, complete with crash test dummy.

Our favorite convertible car seats
The winners below include the products that have achieved high numbers and rewards in our converted seats review. This type of seat is suitable for older children (about 9 months) and depending on the model and size of your child, your little one can be around 5-7 years old.
See our complete convertible car seat reviews and crash test results

Your child will exceed their limited list of children’s size and size, but if you plan to convert them, then it is safer. We recommend switching to a convertible option at the age of 9-11 months and you will use it for 5-7 years if you switch to the booster seat.

Car Seat Rebound Bar Convertible -Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti, Trek – Best Overall Convertible Seat

Best Overall Convertible Seat

  • Easiest to install
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality
  • Heavy
  • Average crash test performance

Brittax Boulevard Kleitite is concerned about installing the right city for parents (rightfully all of us), which we recommend to this friend as a friend. This transformed option has achieved 10 10 perfect uses using both the Latch system and the vehicle belt, it creates a standout option and we think that the seat is virtually folly. This seat is easy to use with impressive comfort and quality construction. We think parents will like the look, feel and features of this quality seat.

ClickTight is slightly above the average score for crash test results, but we reminded parents that this means that the federal requirements exceed, and the poor installation that often translates for more injuries, we think the installation performance of these seats creates crash test results. However, if you are looking good for crash security results, you can consider the requirements by Britax symbol below.

Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat 2019 , Fusion – All-around High Scorer

Essentials by Britax Emblem

  • High crash test score
  • Easy to install in both methods
  • Easy to use
  • Hard to access belt pathway for the vehicle belt

Brittax Symbol Requirements There are impressive scores for almost every metric, which results in impressive performance around all around unfinished tests. Some competitors have achieved some matrices or overall high scores, but with only the average score per metric, the symbol is the only option. Because it achieves one of the top crash test results and it is easy to install with a lower price tag, we think this is a seat that should be on the list of each parent. This seat is easy to use with non-reheated tide adjustment, it is comfortable and disciplined and relatively light compared to other high scoring seats.

The symbol is not easy to install as a britax clicketite option and it has fewer padding than seats with a britax label. However, with its reasonable price, whether it is big or small for each budget, it is a great option for every family.

Best Budget-Friendly Convertible Seat

Essentials by Britax Allegiance

  • Price
  • Easy to install using both methods
  • Above average crash test results
  • Lightweight
  • Rethread harness adjustment

The requirements of Brittax Ailliance are similar to the requirements of a brittax symbol, a slight padding of the seat area and fabric, which seems somewhat durable. This alliance is perfect for families in a difficult budget, those who want a quality seat that is easy to install and average games above the average crash protection result. Alliance adequate padding, no reinforcing harness adjustment height, and relatively light weight with a stylish look. It’s one of the easiest options to use with top scores for ease of use.

Installing the violin vehicle belt is somewhat difficult, although it has still achieved the upper average score for this test. Despite Dummy-proof as the ClickTight option for installation, we think most parents will be able to handle it or if it is a problem you can get free help. With more than $ 100 savings over britax labeling options, parents will happily go to the bank to laugh. Even better, the second best crash test results mean that you are not compromising the potential security for saving money. Which can smile at everyone!

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Saturn 2019- Best on a Tight Budget

Evenflo Tribute LX

  • Least expensive
  • Above average crash test results
  • Easier to use
  • Bare bones
  • Poor score for comfort/quality

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible competition is not well-made in our reviews, but what it does is influenced by its crash test results. It puts Evanofo in the unique position of being the highest seat in review and some of the best crash analyzes of the analysis. This seat won the Best Value Award because it provides high margin of family security for the energy of budgets. AvonFloty is easy to use and the lightest option to review, it’s a good choice for parents for public transportation.

Unfortunately, labor is available in low-weight and low cost for long road trips or uncomfortable avalanches for more cushion or support for children. However, despite its flaws, The EvoFlo will create a better second seat or budget-friendly primary seat that makes you feel safe.

The Clek Oobr is a versatile booster with the best combined crash test results in the booster seat group.

Our favorite helper seats
Once your little one exceeds their converted car seat, they are ready for big kids’ Booster seat. This change will depend on manufacturer guidelines and how big your child is for each seat. Pay special attention to the weight and height limitations, because your child can increase one before another. Depending on your child’s seat approximately 5-7 years old is likely to need a booster. As long as you want to face back as far as possible for security, we think that the seat can change as long as the seat may change, there should be a changeable seat. Below are our favorite booster options.

Clek Oobr High Back Booster Car Seat with Recline and Rigid Latch, Drift – Best Booster Seat

Clek Oobr

  • Great crash test results
  • High quality
  • easy LATCH
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Clek Oobr is a steel frame high-baked booster which can not go for older kids kids. This booster is the most comprehensive crash test results achieved in our booster review and it is easy to install with a strict latch system. This booster is compatible with your vehicle’s seat headrest, armor and quality fabric which is easy to clean.

This seat is loud and loud enough to carry, so you do not want to travel with it or carry too far. However, if you are needed, removable for occasional travel needs. Also, we think that Oobr’s theft is more to create impressive crash test results and quality. We also like that you can safely protect the car booster so that your children do not go to the car without using it. If you have brain safety and you do not visit frequently in the car from the car, Oobr is a great place for you.

Evenflo Spectrum 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat- Teal Trace – Budget-Friendly Top Scorer

Evenflo Spectrum

  • Cheap
  • Easy to Use
  • Comfy Cozy
  • Wide

The Evenflo Spectrum is a high-backing booster which results in an influential crash test for head sensors and it’s budget-friendly for those who are great for almost every family. This booster is the most comfortable option to test the posing area from our small testers, thanks to the able headrest sleep, and the touch-winning wax-up thumbs up the fabric. This seat is one of the highest back-ups and allows our kids to buckle themselves without the help of every time they are tested. If your child increases, the back may be removed after reaching the height limit to extend the life of the seat. You can go backlash to seat lightweight and carpooling or easy to transport for travel.

From the first edition of 2016, we have tested more than 15 children’s car for this review. This image includes the original lineup, out of which four new and different popular seats have been replaced so that the blockage is closed.

This seat is more broad than we have considered, so it can not be a good choice for installing three protection seats in the same family. However, giving benefits for security and a small price, we think Avonfo is a great helper solution for any family.

Central Seat: Your options are narrow
With so many options to choose from, you decide which product is best for your baby? You can set yourself some questions to help narrow down the options by typing, installation, and performance so that you can determine which model is right for your family. When you’re ready to purchase, you can simplify the process by breaking it down in simple questions.

First, do you need a child, convertible, or booster option?

Read our disciple car seat review for all information regarding seats for children’s kids. These seats have two parts, a base that installs in your car and the carrier that can sit on can be used as a base, a stroller or a carrier. This seat type is ideal for the body size and simplified message, because you do not need it to take your baby from the carrier with you.

Convertible seats – Older children (9-12 months) are the best people who have exceeded their children’s seats. Our transformational review includes the necessary details to help you understand convertible seats and when to use them better. Convertible options install your car permanently permanently and depending on the size or age of the child, face to face or face backwards. When a child is big / large, the seat changes “on the face”. While increasing your child’s 5-point combination, some of the seats can also be used as a booster seat (refer to each seat’s manual).

Booster seats – Seats are slightly outgrown in this style which has their outgrown seats (about 5-7 years) outgrown. Our Booster Seat Review includes all deatils that will require you to determine the time and options to which you need to buy it. These seats use the car’s belt to position slightly more accurately. They come in uninteresting and high-quality varieties and some connect the car through the staff and others are free floating.

Eleven top ten seats tested in our convertible car seat review exam (Brittax Boulevard Quiteit was absent on the day).

One product can do it all?
Although many convertible style seats claim to work for children between 5 and 50 pounds or more, we do not think it is a good idea to buy one and the other during car safety.


Child style seats are designed with the body of the stranger’s head. These seats are arranged for the size and the anatomy of the child and positioning fixed position for proper breathing and protection of an accident event. The pair design is narrow and more suitable for kids than narrow seats, designed for older and older kids, and then some fixes for the kids. Many replaceable seats offer a child insertion to create more suitable seats for small passengers. We believe that gear is specially designed instead of designing a product instead of every age / size, but it is better to create it, but not specifically designed to do this. If you want to save money on the baby’s gear (we’re not all?), We do not think the category for doing the car seat, giving potential security effects.

UPPBB vista can be used with two children car seats for easy transport of 2 children. This picture shows two Uptown Misha children car seats in Vista.

Other style of child style seats they are easy The child’s seat is a carrier part that can easily carry the child from one location to another with a handle.

Unlike a converted car seat, a child is isolated from the car seat base. As a result, you can wake up from sleep or convert the baby to sleep in the car, just as you keep it safe in the carrier.

This means that you can easily and easily carry the kids car free from a stroller or car. It may seem a small thing before your baby’s birth, but believe us, you are doing it once and are grateful for carrier so that you can get some quick shopping about sleeping baby.

What is more important, installation or crash test results easily?

Although many parents are worried about the safety of crash test (as you should be), some parents know that the seat is not inappropriately used as a seat install or directed, it is a significant cause of car accidents involving children’s accidents. In our study of the seat security test, the Safety Engineers of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) insisted that inappropriate use of a crash test performance results is a big security concern. In fact, NHTSA studies have shown that 84% of children’s car seats show an important misuse related to seat installment or child’s restraint, or both. In another study of Portland’s top children’s hospital, 267 families follow after they are born to go to hospital with their children. It has been shown in the study that “93% made at least one serious error – a mistake that increases their child’s risk of a crash – when their child is in the safety seat or in the parking place of their safety seat.”

Learn how to safely install your seat

We can learn how to teach parents how to teach kids how to avoid children’s seat installation errors and contact a certified child travel safety technician in their area to ensure proper installation.

Ninety percent is a significant number. Why this high percentage of why we think that the main reason for the seat protection is easy to use and installation, probably more than the crash test results. So when the crash test analysis is important, it is not difficult to use print or seat. Many of the award winning seats are easy to install using at least one installation method. Some even have perfect scores and were effectively foolproof, or at least as incredible as a seat.

Based on the best sensor sensor information from our crash test dummy, the click has the best crash test scores.

In a disciplined manner, using the Kidchief Kifit 30 latch method, 10 10 has achieved the ease of installation. Peg Perego Primo Viagio easily gets 10 10 installations without the base of 4-35. Britax Boulevard has earned 10 10 in both the installation methods for ClickTight convertible seats. Brittax symbols and necessities of BRITEX symbols each have 8 installations using Lat and 7s for installation with vehicle belts. Essential seats earned an 8 of 10 for impressive comfort in both crash security tests and installation performance. Clek Oobr booster is connected to using strict latch connection and easy to operate.

All seats provide a safe, basic level of protection
We have tested the seats and passed the federal security standard for crash testing, for the United States. For this reason, the seats that we have tested may be considered safe and provide basic security as per the federal laws of US. Keep in mind that for the purpose of crash test scoring, our focus is to identify seats with crash test capabilities that exceed the federal requirements and this review exceeds the competition’s crash test performance. As a result, those seats may be considered as providing additional difference to their crash test performance-based protection.

Parents who frequently use services such as tax cabs or utensils will have to search for a base seat using a seat belt easily for their vehicle seat.

What is my lifestyle?
When it comes to seat options, your lifestyle might consider your purchase decision. The deputy director often has a place to install children’s seats in a semi-permanent way with their own car and some changes. Other parents can live in such a big city where they often surround Uber and Taxis, requiring them to be fairly mobile, and to install over and over again. Because seat lightweight is easy to install, it will be more important for urban parents than others. If you do not carry your seat, your options are more broad because weight is not a factor. If you carry the seat from the place, some heavy seats may be out of the question

Evenflo Spectrum is easy to use and without bucket buckle when using it.

Your Booster seat weight can play a role in your decision-making process if you travel car or frequent. Clek Oobr is very heavy and you do not want to go often. Even if you move away, it is a bad choice for stuffing your child’s back child. The Evenflo Spectrum can be backless for light and carpooling.

Avonflotti is the lightest seat in the group and it is only 9 pounds and 17 inches narrow

Convertible seat weight It is not a big deal for most people because it usually installs most of your vehicle in your car. However, if you want to catch a cab with a child with a child, you can choose from 9 EBs of Evelyns Tribulation LX. If it does not seem to carry extra weight, it’s even more flash or high performance scores more than the traffic lakes in the evening? The essential seats are below $ 250 with a reasonable price of 18.5 pounds.

Carrier weight can play a role for the same reasons when considering a child seat. The carrier can be heavy, and if combined with the weight of the baby, it may be prohibited to be heavy. If you want to connect the carrier to the stroller, weight can play a lesser role, but if you want to keep your carrier or travel frequently, weight can be a factor.

Peg Perego uses the European Belt Path method for installation without Primo Base

Are you looking for a child careers urban? Then you can consider the ease of installation without having your preferred time base, because it is more likely to install your weight sensor base seat, so that your weight may be almost logged. It’s perfectly safe, and the seat is designed with a mind, but installing others without the foundation is much easier, so choosing the easiest, high-ranking option will make your life easier. Peg Perego Premio Vigio also scored well for the installation on a 4-35 base, but it is compatible with some full-size strikers.

Is a good weight range good?
Children’s style seats are suitable for a certain weight limit for the child, and the limits of the converted seats, only to claim higher. Children’s seats are usually between 4 pounds and 30-45 pounds, but convertible seats are 5 to 55 pounds (or higher depending on the seat). Should you consider one of these range of your purchases? No, probably not.

Why not

Well, most children raise the height limit before reaching the weight limit for most children’s seats, and it can often be said of convertible seats.

According to CDC Children’s Age vs. Weight-Growth (PDF), 95-year-old children (which means that children grow up faster than 94 children, it’s a big boy!) Still below 28 pounds and near their 1-year-old 32-year-old majority of children Children will be transferred from the seats and the replacement seats will vary from 9-12 months. From this data you can see that the fastest growing boy will fail to exceed the maximum weight of this review, but he may be too long for the seat, which will prompt transit before his weight. Despite having an idea about how a child’s seat can be used, it is simply a vague idea, and finally, the restriction can do more with height than weight. For this reason, the weight of your seat will not decide on your purchase decision unless it is less than 30 pounds for a child seat. Even if your child is very tall, you just go to the transferred seat which is a big deal and is not safe yet.

Rear facing installation
Your little one will sit back as much as possible seats. This will be limited by manufacturer’s
recommendations for your child’s weight and seat because all options do not allow for extended repeat faces. According to most people’s laws, children want to return to the age of 2 years, but the children may sit for seats until the seat is approved. Even if your kids are humble, the rear facing
position is still a safe installation.

We have tested at least 30 inches height range for the highest scorer child seats and weighing from 4 to less than 30 pounds. 46 to 49 inches in length, or at the top of the shell, ears and face 5 to 40 pounds and weights of 20 to 55 pounds (maximum top seats work up to 65 pounds). Efffalo Treatment LX is a top 40 pound exception, which will require additional purchases before the competition.

There are many types of combination of strollers and their car seat opponents and many strollers will work with different seat options with suitable adapter purchases.

What about travel arrangements?

Travel system includes a child carrier and a consistent stroller. It may come as a default set or you can buy a seat and a compatible stroller separately. Based on safety considerations, we do not think that parents will choose a child seat based on a custom stooler. In addition, if you have made adjustments and bought it separately for yourself, then there are fewer influential elements in the predefined set. We think it’s best for the right child to decide for the child’s child before setting the best stroller that works with the city. With some exceptions, such as Safety 1st Ann Air Air 35, most children’s seats are compatible with at least some popular sterling adapters. We Chicco Keyfit 30 children seats are compatible with full size stoolers which we personally tested. Choosing this affordable, high-scoring seat will give you the most versatile seats for stroller compatibility.

The car seat recommendation from the NHTSA website
Recommend cars seats from the HTS website

Depending on the convenience of planning your seat and the advantages of the installation test results, you should provide you with leading top brokerages by narrowing your chances. From there, you can base your purchase decision on crash test results and / or budget related concerns. Top rewards winners are great seats with the appropriate features and functionality according to almost no need or lifestyle. They include an option price range for almost every budget. We think parents need to focus on the correct style of their child’s age (child, transform, or booster) to narrow the ground, and we encourage parents to prevent temptation to buy a convertible alternative for their child. Most importantly, we encourage you to contact an expert for the assistance of the right car seat installation, no matter what style or model you choose. You can get free appointment, get help faster and your chosen seat is installed properly to ensure maximum security for your baby! It does not matter if your chosen seat does not take place during the crash test, if you do not install it properly or use it.

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