Kelty Tour 1.0 Child Carrier Review

When you are shopping for an ideal child carrier, factors of comfort and convenience tend to determine your final decision. A keen look at the Kelty Tour 1.0 Child Carrier reveals various design modifications that are optimized for lasting comfort. Some of the conspicuous improvements include the child leg-secure system and the highly convenient 5-point child harness.


Considering the delicate nature of a child’s limbs, joints and skin, you should look for a cozy child carrier that imparts minimal pressure on the child without compromising on the aspect of safety. One advantage of the child leg-secure system is that it guarantees easy and simple access of the child within the harness. That is why it is widely preferred by many parents.

Many fashionable shoppers consider this child carrier as the most suitable for backpacking or camping. Some users who have experienced the unique advantages of this carrier contend that they incurred less fatigue in comparison with the carriers they had used previously. Other reviewers held the opinion that the Kelty Tour 1.0 is easier to use than many other carriers.

Important Features

* Adjustable 5-point child harness.
* Convenient child leg-secure system.
* Lightweight aluminum frame.
* Durable polyester material.
* Safe auto-deploy kickstand.
* Soft contoured hip belt and shoulder straps.

Features in Details

1. ADJUSTABLE 5-Point – Child Harness

The growing preference for the Kelty Tour 1.0 is a clear testament to its superior measure of convenience. This child carrier was designed with a 5-point harness that allows you to adjust its position in a way that spreads it weight evenly. If properly adjusted, this carrier can allow you to enjoy an extended outdoor stroll with the baby with minimal fatigue.

Another advantage of the 5-point child harness is that it protects the parent or child handler from incurring back, neck or chest injury. The trick is that you keep on adjusting the positioning of the carrier until you are comfortable with the overall weight. In fact, this feature makes your life bearable, particularly if you have to walk about with the young one all day and every day.

2. CONVENIENT Child Leg-Secure System

The designers of this child carrier spared no efforts on matters of child safety by designing a child leg-secure system that works with exceptional convenience. Apart from holding your child in a safe posture and position, the child leg-secure system is designed in a way that makes it easy for the child to get in and out of the harness without any discomfort or hindrance.

Many reviewers consider the child leg-secure system as one of the most supportive features that make this child carrier exceptionally convenient for child care. The combined effect of the leg-secure system and the strong straps give this carrier a higher score with regard to quality assurance. This advantage has a special appeal to many baby handlers.

3. LIGHTWEIGHT Aluminum Frame

Without doubt, the Kelty Tour 1.0 is one of the most convenient child carriers to handle because of its lightweight aluminum frame. The ingenious designers of this carrier intended to give it a surpassing quality of portability that would makes it easier and pleasurable to carry and nurse a child for incredibly long periods.

Another remarkable merit about this frame is that it is capable of adjusting in such a way that allows it to support between 15 to 18 inches of torso length. This means that you can stay with this carrier for quite some length of time as your child continues to grow in length and size. You will notice that this carrier gives your child some ample space to wriggle and adjust for comfort.

4. SAFE Auto-Deploy Kickstand

The designers of this stand included an auto-deploy kickstand that is optimized for both safety and convenience. This feature allows you to load and unload the child with great ease. This kickstand is quite user-friendly as it only requires you to loosen the shoulder straps for it to deploy. Besides, the kickstand is approved by JPMA for quality and safety.

According to many reviewers, the functional efficiency of the kickstand combines well with the adjustable seat and the padded cockpit to give your child the level of support and comfort that they need for greater happiness. If the child is going to last several hours in a carrier on a daily basis, it has to be well padded for comfort and designed for extra convenience.


* Designed for greater durability.
* Remarkably comfortable for the child.
* Very easy to set up and operate.
* Adjustable parts for convenience.
* Optimized for child security.


* May not be quite convenient for children over 40 lbs.
* Not available in diverse color varieties.


Q. Does this child carrier come with a minimum weight?
A. Yes. It has a minimum weight of 16 lbs according to the manufacturer.

Q. What is the weight of this product?
A. This child carrier weighs 4.8 pounds.

What Reviewers Think

So far the Kelty Tour 1.0 Child Carrier Reviews have settled on 4.7 stars on Most of the positive reviews were based on the aspects of comfort and convenience, which many reviewers labeled as exceptional. Many customers considered this carrier as a great improvement to other ordinary child carriers, particularly those that fall within its price range.

Other reviewers who rated this product highly expressed their delight in the enhanced levels of padding and the adjustable features that allow the young ones sufficient freedom to play and relax. More positive comments were based on the advantage of portability and the convenience of adjusting the carrier at the front or on the back.

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Final Verdict

This child carrier shows an advanced level of comfort and convenience that allows both the parents and the children to enjoy great moments during their outdoor walks, particularly those of an extended nature. You will find this carrier easy to use and conveniently adjustable in a way that enhances its efficiency and the relaxation of the your little ones.

The sufficiency of harness space is another distinguishing merit that makes your child freer and merrier within the harness. Remarkably, you are assured of extra manipulation and the ease of loading and unloading your child at any instance. Considering its friendly price, this carrier remains one of the best for children of all temperaments.

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