Best Baby Carriers To Use In the Water


There are few better places to be on a hot summer day than in the water. If you have a little one in tow, however, that can become challenging. Teaching infants and toddlers to be comfortable around water is essential to their development; so do not be afraid to take them with you. There are some great carriers on the market today that make this comfortable and safe, so let’s review some of the best ones now.

Water Wrap Baby Carrier By Beachfront

The company Beachfront has designed this baby carrier specifically for use at the beach. Beyond that, it has proven its worth in almost any type of water related activity, including splashing around in hot weather, at the pool, or when chasing around the older kids at the water park. Designed to accommodate babies ranging in weight from eight to thirty pounds, this particular carrier comes in a one size fits all package. No matter what size shirt you wear, this water wrap baby carrier will accommodate.

The carriers made by Beachfront are meant to support child in the most optimal position possible for the water. This means that both baby and caretaker will remain safe. The carrier itself is designed from a breathable mesh that is composed of one hundred percent polyester. This allows it to dry quickly upon coming out of the water. It is important to remember that this baby carrier does not protect little ones from sun exposure, so make sure that you take appropriate measures to minimize risk for UV rays.





Bity Bean Ultra Compact Child Carrier

This is a handy alternative for adults who are not fans of wraps or slings. The Bity Bean carrier is designed for water use, but does not come in a wrap or sling design. It allows for a number of different carrying positions including front, chest, back, cross arm carry, and kangaroo style just name a few. Now, not all of these positions are designed for safe water use due to concerns for the baby, so keep that in mind. Your baby should always remain close to your and highly visible whenever water play is involved.

This ultra compact child carrier has been designed to safely accommodate babies ranging in age from as young as three months to thirty-six months. The device will safely carry a toddler up to forty pounds as well. This Bity Bean variety is made of a fast drying cotton fabric material. It also includes an adjustable shoulder belt, a safety buckles that is well protected, a ventilated back pad, and a waist belt that is both durable and adjustable.






Water and Warm Weather Ring Sling Carrier by Beachfront

Beachfront Baby has developed another top selling carrier in this one. This one is developed from a ring sling model. There is no need to worry about the ring on this carrier corroding either, as it is made of an anodized aluminum that protects it from most forms of corrosion associated with chlorinated and salt water. The sling itself is made of a quality and athletic mesh fabric that is remarkably breathable. This makes it fast drying, which is perfect when wanting to play in the water with your infant or toddler. Babies ranging in weight from eight to thirty pounds can be comfortably and safely carried in this model. This particular carrier comes in three different sizes, including a regular, extra-long, and petite version. To be more visually appealing, the carrier is also available in a variety of different colors.








Hango Breathable Baby Carrier

This device is actually similar to the ring sling model developed by Beachfront. The appealing aspect to this one, however, is that it is noticeably cheaper. It is based on a German design, and the fabric material dries quickly, is waterproof, lightweight, and breathable. When using this carrier, make sure that you follow the instructions in order to avoid undue strain on your body, and to ensure the safety of your little one. This model can accommodate babies up to forty pounds.

While this is not an exhaustive list of available water carriers available on the market today, it is a brief summary of the best. Each are ideal for use in the water, meaning that outdoor summer activities with your infants and toddlers just became a whole lot more enjoyable!

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