Baby Hip Seat Carriers


Carrying a baby on your hip is a great way to relieve the everyday strain associated with taking care of your little one. Not all carriers are created equal, however, so it is important to purchase one that truly takes the strain off of your back and hip area. Since there are so many such devices available on the market today, it is helpful to weed through all of the pretenders and focus only on those that provide the maximum comfort and functionality.

The Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier

This particular carrier is composed of one hundred percent. It is great for people who live in cold weather environments, as it works to keep your little one warm when out for a walk. The baby will feel warm while remaining comfortable throughout the journey. The carrier by Yokohama is designed to give the baby a perfect resting position, while enabling the parent to carry the baby in the front part of the device. The back portion is designed to allow the parent to sufficiently rest his or her back and hip, while the durable designed ensures that the baby is held securely at all times. This particular carrier can accommodate weight up to thirty-five pounds, all of which is equally distributed to minimize the potential for back strains to occur.

The Babi Bambino Hip Seat Baby Carrier

This is a great carrier to consider purchasing givens it unique ergonomic design. It can safely hold babies ranging in weight from twelve to thirty-six pounds, enabling parents to use the same carrier from the infant right through the toddler stage. It is built strong, and works wonders for any parent who suffers from frequent pains the back region of the body. The Babi Bambino can be used from either a back facing or front facing position. It is helpful to note that the front facing position does tend to provide a bit more comfort. Throughout the journey, the baby’s weight is sufficiently distributed such that adult torso is well support, and the removable sleeping hood is a great added feature as well.

The Orange Tag Baby Hip Seat Carrier

This carrier is great for parents who are on a budget, but who are still in need of a device that supports their hip. The Orange Tag Carrier can accommodate toddlers who weight anywhere from twenty-two to forty pounds. It does this by allowing the child to sit in a frog leg position, all the while be surrounding by comfortable padding. The best part for parents is that the carrier evenly distributes the weight of the toddler around the waist region, which effectively minimizes back strain.

Individual Considerations

If you are in the market for a new baby carrier, there are a few factors to consider depending on your individual situation. This should help you make your purchasing decision.

Comfort – At the end of the day, comfort matters most, both for the parent and the baby. Parents who are going to be a great deal of walking with their non-walking infant need to take this into consideration, as to choose a baby carrier that does not satisfy in this area could be debilitating. Comfort involves equal weight distribution, and a strap that is sufficiently wide, and contains proper padding.

Weight of the Carrier – You have to keep in mind that you are already going to be carrying around up to a 35-40 pound little on. You do not want to add more weight to this total than you have to do. If you experience a lot of back pain, you will want to look for a carrier that is composed of lightweight material. The best carriers will still be durable, while being lighter in weight where you need it most. This will enhance you overall level of comfort as well.

Carrying Position – Anybody suffering from back pain needs to be concerned about carrying any item of weight. With a baby, however, there is little option. A hip carrier, however, can alleviate strain simply based upon the eventual carrying position of the infant or toddler. You will want to avoid using any carrier that is designed specifically for the back. Instead, opt for one that is meant to permit the carrying of toddler on the hip and waist areas of the torso.

Choosing the proper baby carrier can enhance your overall quality of life during those formative years. It will allow you to get out and enjoy life, while minimizing strain on your back. This will also allow you to interact more with your infant and toddler, which is the ultimate goal in the end.

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